Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What I Said

What I do is because of what I said. God called me, and I said yes. I have left good friends to go into the field and I have lost good friends in the field. I can still see the eyes of those I left and those I lost. It's a combination of eternity and what could have been. Once again, I'm going back in. There is a sweet spot on the edge of chaos. Glory to God, I've spent the last 7 years in it. Looking back, I could have died a happy man after any of those years. Looking forward at 8, it still burns in my bones. The infinite goodness of God is way beyond my understanding. Another brother further, it's always now. Super big thanks to family and friends as we keep this light burning, and all praise and glory to the Giver of all good things!! And it's always now...

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