Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Chair vs. Childhood Dreams

My childhood dream was to be running back for the Dallas Cowboys. Never made it on the field. I turned 45 sitting in this stadium seat (from Texas Stadium). Legend has it that the man, Roger Staubach (#12) sat in this chair as Tony Romo threw his 1st of many interceptions (not really). I did eventually make it to the field, (of missions). 7+ years in the field, I've seen a lot. The field is where I belong, but on the sidelines coaching and/or in the stands cheering; watching my favorite people on the planet soar to new heights. Glory to God!! Also thanks to my bro for this unique and special gift!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marcos Witt

At Champion Forest Baptist Church, my church from 1995-2005. Learned so much there. So awesome to join the ever growing Spanish congregation singing praise to "nuestro SeƱor" in my 2nd language. It was his 1st concert since his accident and this man really does live in victory, and with so much class...

Shades of '98

Won a trip to Cancun back in my days with Houston Cellular before this kid was born. Proud to pass them on to one of the most promising young skaters in Costa Rica. He's off to a fast start and the sky is the limit, another brother further...